12. Youth Gathering
Traditional Youth Gathering In week eleven, The Sharing Circle dives into the Annual Traditional Youth Gathering, spearheaded by Crissy Courchene in Grand Rapids, Manitoba. The gathering will see close to 100 youth being fully immersed in the traditional values and practices of their ancestors. Elders from the five major tribal groups of Manitoba will be in attendance. They, along with the youth leaders, will impart their wisdom and teachings on everything from traditional hunting techniques, picking medecines, building a sweatlodge, firearms safety, treaty rights and even the art of making bannock on a stick. Most of all, they will be learning these things as our ancestors did by roughing it in the bush without the conveniences of modern life.

13. Aboriginal Healing
In week ten we explore the results of the social programs implemented by the National Aboriginal Healing Foundation. This national body devotes funds across the country in support of Aboriginal community programs. The foundation promotes the healing of Aboriginal people who were subjected to the residential school system. The benefits of the foundation past, present and future will be examined.

14. The Fur Table
Every December, just before Christmas, fur buyers from around the world gather at St. Joseph's Parish Hall in Thompson, Manitoba, to buy pelts - and lots of them! Over five hundred thousand dollars will exchange hands, all in cash. On one side of the table are over 250 northern trappers, most of them Aboriginal, who will sell their bounty to the highest bidder. On the other side, buyers from 5 different fur companies can be seen, cash in hand, feverishly totaling numbers on their clculators. When the bidding is over trappers will collect their salaries for months of toiling on the traplines. As fur prices fluctuate every year, one can never be certain whether the outcome will be celebrated or bemoaned by the trappers and their families.

15. Rossdale Flats
In week fifteen, The Sharing Circle profiles a commercial piece of real estate in the downtown core of Edmonton which has become a hot topic between industry, the city and the Aboriginal population. Human remains as well as artifacts have been unearthed on the current property of the local power company. The diversity of ethnic groups has shocked the community. Scottish, French, English, Métis, and Aboriginal groups have been identified. The task of what to do now with these artifacts is currently in debate. Respect for those who came before us is paramount for the Aboriginal Community, as is the re-acquisition of the land that was once theirs. The coninuation of the Aboriginal struggle for their rights is explored in this episode.

SEASON: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

16. Home Advantage - MJHL
In week fourteen, The Sharing Circle examines Peguis First Nation, located in Manitoba on the Red River. Long ago the community was involved in a surrender of traditional land known as the St. Peter's Reserve. We'll be talking to the Chief as well as historians and elders on some of the events and issues surrounding the questionable transaction. Peguis First Nation is working towards reclaiming their traditional territory and is currently in negotiation with the federal and provincial governments.

17. Balancing the Medicine Wheel
Dr. Judith Bartlett graduated from the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Medicine in 1987. She was one of the first 3 Aboriginal physicians to graduate from the U of M. A pioneer and a visionary in the field of Aboriginal Health, Dr. Bartlett was the first chair of the National Aboriginal Health Organization and she also played a major role in the formation of Winnipeg's Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre. In 1994, Dr. Barlett developed her Aboriginal Life Promotion Framework - a blueprint for balancing the fundamental elements of our lives.

18 & 19. The Spirit of Norway House Cree Nation
(Part 1 and Part 2)

Manitoba's Norway House Cree Nation, one of the largest Aboriginal reserves in Canada, has recently undergone unprecedented economic growth and development due to the community's prudent spending of a multi-million dollar compensation package they recently negotiated from Manitoba Hydro and from the Governments of Canada and Manitoba for the impact of hydro electric power project development in Northern Manitoba over the last forty years.

20. Lost Sisters
Lost Sisters Lost Sisters is a half-hour documentary for The Sharing Circle, that explores one of the most serious human rights abuses in Canada today -- the abduction, rape and murder of hundreds of Aboriginal women over the last half century at the hands of strangers, most often white people. This horrific situation continues today, particularly in cities across Western Canada, but the authorities, the justice system and the press seemingly ignore this ongoing tragedy. Last month, Amnesty International condemned Canada in a scathing report detailing these continued human rights abuses that are suffered by Aboriginal women. The purpose of this Sharing Circle documentary is to make sense of this catastrophic situation that arguably would be front-page news if another group of women were being victimized.


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